Upcoming Exhibitions/Events


Divine Providence at Morris Graves Museum of Art with Meredith Lynn and Lee Running

A group exhibition featuring the work of Nicole Jean Hill, Meredith Lynn and Lee Running will be on display at the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, CA in May- June 2019. The artists in the exhibition are interested in how a struggle for dominance has impacted the current relationship to a sense of place and environmental stewardship in the American West.


Invictus: The Artnauts in Uganda

As a new member of the global artist collective The Artnauts, Nicole Jean Hill’s work is included in an exhibition presented by the collective at the Global Livingston Institute in Entusi, Uganda. The exhibition is inspired by the William Earnest Henley poem, Invictus. The poem was recited by Nelson Mandela to keep his spirits up during years of captivity and each artist was asked to create a piece inspired by those words.

Curated by George Rivera and Trine Bumiller

June 7- August 31, 2019



Lost Alphabet Press has released a soft cover monograph of the series, So You Wanna Fight? The series was selected for publication from an international call for entries.


Lora Webb Nichols Presentation, Grand Encampment Museum

Nicole Jean Hill will be giving a talk about the Lora Webb Nichols photography archive at the Grand Encampment Museum in early August 2019 for the Symposium on the History of Women in Wyoming and the West.